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Beginning at the beginning.

Hello Friends, Family and Potential new Puppy Owners. Welcome back.

Lets talk today about being prepared to bring your new family member home. Amazon will be your new best friend if it's not already. Lol

First I suggest finding a veterinarian in your area or beyond that works compatibly with your available hours and that is friendly and informative. I would suggest asking neighbors or friends for references. Please when speaking with the veterinary office ask about pricing so you do not have sticker shock when going in for your first vet visit. Prices vary greatly from office to office.

Pet-health insurance. On my family page I offer a whole list of reputable companies. Also, most empoyer health plans offer this benefit in your package and this may work out best. We use Trupanion but there are many options depending on location and what you are looking for. My recommendation is for emergency care only. This can cost a small fortune if you are unprepared especially over a holiday or weekend.

Food... we use Royal Canin puppy here at our home and I advise that the pups remain on their current diet at least through puppyhood. But there are many options available. I definitely recommend staying with the premium pet foods and always feed kibble even if you are adding moist varieties to your pups diet.

Enclosures.. Puppies as with small children should never be left unattended without being confined to a safe secure place. This is for their own protection and that of your home. Small as they might be, destructive behaviour and housebreaking is best dealt with by encouraging positive behaviors and not reprimand after the fact. My recommendation is the Iris Pet Enclosures sold on Amazon. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. Please get at least a six piece set so pups will.have adequate room to play, lie down and eliminate in different areas.

Potty pads... your pups have been introduced to washable potty pads from a young age. By the time they go home they are generally very good about using them. These are a much more economical and environmentally friendly choice. Puppies have a tendency to chew up paper pads and this can also be unhealthy.

Treats.. treats in young pups should be limited to one or two a day. Also limiting ingredients can help in preventing digestive upset. I recommend Charlie Bear Liver treats and Chicken wrapped Sweet Potato Chews. Please stay away from rawhide with young puppies.

Okay it's getting late here. I will continue tomorrow with more about recommended products for your Precious Pups. Good Night all. Give your pups a kiss for me. 🥰🥰

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