First Time Ever!

Hello Family, Friends and Potential Clients…My name is Barb. This is my first Blog post ever!!! Lots has happened with Barb’s Precious Pups in the last 6 months. We have added a location and a new home in Indiana to our business. I am still doing business in Las Vegas as I have for the last 18 years. I have added help and we are growing in leaps and bounds. We are still breeding and selling amazing, beautiful, Precious ShihTzus, Shihpoos, Shorkies, Yorkipoos and Maltipoos. We have now added Mini Goldendoodles to our inventory of Precious Pups. I am traveling bi-monthly back and forth and delivering puppies both directions. I try my darndest to personally meet every single client but cannot ways do so in person. So, we have added delivery services both with the help of my family and with the use of Purple Pup as a transport service. My puos are all raised with love and socialization in a home environment. They are easily trained as they have been taught manners and housebreaking steps from the beginning. I always at your service and available to answer questions my puppy parents. Please feel free to like us and follow along on my Facebook page. I hope to be regularly posting here and letting you knownof new up amd coming litters and give out lots of training and health information. Please join me …Thanks for reading..?????