Purchase Agreement

Thank you for choosing to purchase your puppy from Barb’s Precious Pups. These Terms & Conditions constitute an agreement between you, the New Owner, and us, Barb’s Precious Pups.

You understand and acknowledge all responsibilities involved with purchasing a new toy or teacup puppy for adoption from the Barb’s Precious Pups. You recognize that you are to give this living animal special care and attention, and you are able to take care of such an animal financially as well as emotionally.

As a courtesy, Barb’s Precious Pups is only responsible to hold your puppy for 10 calendar days from the time it is ready to go to his/her new home at 8 weeks of age or greater. Your pickup or delivery arrangement must be made within this time frame. If for whatever reason the New Owner needs more time to make these arrangements, then Barb’s Precious Pups can hold your puppy for an additional fee of $15.00 per day. ($15.00/day is the official kenneling fee) If the New Owner fails to contact Barb’s Precious Pups or communicate with us within this 7-day grace period, then we have the right to make your puppy available to other families. Your payment will then be kept as store credit. Store credit is non-refundable and must be used within 6 months.

Barb’s Precious Pups reserves the right to refuse service or purchase to anyone. Under special circumstance, we reserve the right to delay pickup or delivery for the health of our puppies. The New Owner may have an option to choose a different puppy or wait until we release the puppy from our kennel. Upon placing a deposit you will then have 48 hours to decide upon a pickup date or to make arrangements for shipping.

New Owner must take all responsibility to feed the puppy regularly and as instructed to do so by a Barb’s Precious Pups Team Member. Failure to feed properly and/or failure to contact Barb’s Precious Pups within 4 hours of any eating abnormalities will result in the puppy’s Health Warranty to be void and null.

High Recommendation of Pet Health Insurance for the first year of the puppies life. Pamphlets are provided in your folder.

New Owner must notify Barb’s Precious Pups regarding the results of problematic vet exam. This exam is a requirement of Barb’s Precious Pups Health Warranty and must be completed within 3 working days of purchase. Failure to contact us will result in the puppy’s Health Warranty to be void and null.

Barb’s Precious Pups never guarantees the full grown size of your new puppy. However, Barb’s Precious Pups does provide well made estimates, but actual sizes depend on many external factors such as diet, daily activity, and unseen hereditary background. Barb’s Precious Pups offers absolutely no refunds or exchanges in this regard.

Purebreds come with registration papers. You will receive these papers from Barb’s Precious Pups within 2 months of purchase. Registration does not affect puppy pricing. We offer no refunds of any kind for any rare human errors that might occur on registration papers.

Barb’s Precious Pups, in the rare and unlikely event the New Owner cannot manage its new puppy and take proper care of it, reserves the right to claim the puppy back into ownership. If Barb’s Precious Pups accepts the puppy back into its nursery based on health qualifications, there will be no refund for the New Owner, who must release custody of the puppy. We will at any point in your pet’s life take back into custody one of our Precious Pups for rehoming. Please contact me first if a situation arises that would require you to rehome one of my puppies. They NEVER need to go to a shelter. Responsibilities of delivery of dog back to Barb’s Precious Pups is solely on the owner.