Welcoming Your New Family Member Home

Recommended Supplies List:

  • Crate
  • Baby gate or Iris fence enclosure
  • Washable Potty pads or disposable
  • 2 bowls
  • Iams Small breed puppy food dry
  • Stella and Chewy Freeze Dried Chicken Patties
  • ProBios
  • Snuggle Puppy
  • Nutri-cal (by Tomlyn)
  • Toys (kong, stuffed, rope and chew bone)
  • Treats and chewies
  • 2 beds
  • Find a vet. I can offer referrals.


  • Pup to vet within 5 days for Exam and Fecal ONLY(Your puppy IS NOT due for vaccines for a minimum of 7-10 days from time of pick up) DO NOT VACCINATE AT INITIAL EXAM
  • Text me back paperwork
  • Sign up for 1st free month of health insurance with Trupanion WITHIN 24 HOURS OF PICK UP
  • Register Microchip WITHIN 24 HOURS OF PICK UP
  • Send me poop pics for first 3 days.
  • BRING Poop sample to vet with initial visit.
  • Treats given minimally with only chicken, peanut butter, or yogurt as main ingredients

You have been sent home with vaccine history (YOUR PUPPY IS NOT DUE FOR VACCINES) microchip information and Trupanion Health insurance information. Please register Trupanion Insurance within 24 hours of arrival. Also register microchip. Please keep purple folder somewhere it wont be forgotten when going to the vet. They will need pertinent information from the folder. I am aware that vet visits are sometimes difficult to get at the moment. Please try to stay with the 5 day limit and let me know if this cannot be accomplished. Sometimes you might have to use a different vet than you 1st preferred. If in Las Vegas area please try to use my vet (Advanced Animal Care Hospital 702 228 4711) if you are unable to use your preferred vet in your area.

Feeding. DO NOT SWITCH DIETS FOR ANY REASON! Your puppies digestive tract is sensitive. They do not do well with abrupt changes and can even cause a trip to the emergency room for diarrhea. If you have another pet in your home do not allow puppy to eat even a small amount. As time goes on if you prefer to change diets to what other pets are eating please do slowly over a 2 week period of time and have some Keopectate on hand in case of loose bowels.

Please as soon as pups arrive home place them in their already prepared area. They should have bedding, potty area, food , water and toys. They are used to such areas as this is how we keep them. Let them adjust for 1/2 an hour or so before bringing them out to explore. They should for the next week only be allowed to remain in one room of your home (same room as their penned area. While out they should have access to the penned area where their potty pads and water are at. Young puppies need 20 min of playtime and then put back to rest. They need food and water to keep up energy. This is very important. Unless your pup is over 11 weeks they should remain indoors only until after their next set of vaccines. Your pup has already been trained to use washable potty pads.

I am always available for questions. And to help with training, feeding Instructions, health care information, referrals and so on. Please do not wait until something is out of control. I would rather you call me the sooner the better. I also post information on my “Barb’s Precious Pups Family.” page. Please ask to join and I will gladly have you join and be part of the Family.

Enjoy your new baby.

We LOVE getting pictures and Feedback of our Precious Pups!!