Getting Your Puppy to You


DELIVERY AVAILABLE TO MOST U.S LOCATIONS! Please contact me to see if we can accommodate to your state. If you live non-locally, there are a few easy and convenient ways to receive your new puppy: Standard Puppy Shipping or Personal Pet Nanny delivery (recommended).

Pet Nanny
This is the most recommended delivery option. Your puppy will be with a Pet Nanny from airport to airport and be attended 100% of the way. I have a couple of companies I work with that we repeatedly use with outstanding results. Your puppy goes home to you with all its belongings, gifts and paperwork. This option allows you to pay the Nanny directly and to have a happy, healthy puppy meet you anywhere in the US. Arrangements are made via text and phone between the Nanny, myself and client. Cost is $400-450. You are kept apprise of any situations that could arise at all times.

Standard Puppy Shipping

If you live in the US, Canada, or Mexico, we can ship your puppy to most major airports via the Petsafe Program through United Airlines. The fee is $375.00. This fee includes air flight, traveling crate, and vet-issued health certificate.

Flying Your Puppy
The most common concern is the safety of your puppy’s travel. We do everything in our power and know how to create a safe and reassuring experience for both the puppy and the owner. We book each flight carefully choosing the shortest possible route between our kennel and your puppy’s newest home. We keep flight time to a minimum of only a few hours. Our preferred choice airline is United Airlines, who offer their award-winning animal traveling program called PetSafe. Delta Airlines offers something similar called Pet Travel. Our puppies are handled by USDA-approved personnel who ensure a well-kept and climate-controlled on-flight environment for each and every one of our pups.

In accordance to the airlines guidelines, your puppy is required to have a vet-issued health certificate, which we obtain for you when you pay the shipping fee.

Every traveling crate is made to fit your puppy comfortably. Your puppy will not have to slouch or be put in a funny position while it flies. We ensure that our puppies stay as relaxed as possible during their entire trip home.  And a clean, soft towel placed on the bottom allows your puppy to stay cozy and cuddly. With food and water by its side, your puppy is sure to have a great flight home!

One (1) day prior to the flight you will receive an email confirmation with all of the flight details. It will contain the exact location of where to pick up your puppy from the airport nearest you. Please be on time and have a valid drivers license, along with the confirmation number provided to you in the email.

We usually book the flights within 1-7 days of the purchase.

Here’s What to Bring:
    A clean, soft towel
    Puppy Pads
    Fragrance-free baby wipes
    Paper towels
    Fresh, clean water
    Nutril-Cal (available at any pet store)

The first time you meet your puppy, give it some water and feed it a small amount of Nutri-Cal.

Make sure to call Barb's Precious Pups the moment you pick up your new puppy so we know all is well and your puppy made it successfully to the right arms!

From the airport, take your puppy straight home. Feed it right away. Let it relax. Then let your new baby adjust slowly. Read Teacup Tips for more information.

Personal Hand Delivery
This feature allows one of our team members to hand deliver the puppy to you at a pre destined location. This option is for those who live within a 250 mile radius of Las Vegas, Nevada or Lafayette, Indiana. We will personally drive the puppy with a health certificate to your door or meet you in Kingman, St. George, or Barstow, or Beatty.  Cost is $100-150.