Welcome to Barb's Precious Pups. We are hobby breeders who raise our puppies inside our home and take pride in the health and temperament of our dogs. I have been breeding dogs for over 30 years, but I started training dogs along with learning the grooming trade and working as a veterinary technician for many years. I have shown and titled dogs in conformation, obedience, and sport. This passion for dogs led me to an intense dedication to raising the healthiest puppies with awesome temperaments as family pets. I hope you will find our puppies are as wonderful as I think they are.

Your puppy has been immunized accordingly, starting at 6 weeks of age, followed by a 2nd vaccine at 8 weeks and kept current until they find a new home. My vet does not use *Lepto in his vaccinations, and I highly recommend that you don't use any after taking possession of your puppy! I allow them to leave between 8-10 weeks of age, after a minimum of two vaccinations. They will be due for a 3rd shot to be given 3 weeks from the date of their 2nd (as marked on the health record). **Please have your puppy examined by a veterinarian within 5 days of taking possession for my guarantee to be effective.** Failure to have a check done within this time VOIDS this guarantee. Your puppy has been wormed at 3-5-7 weeks of age with Panacur and Safeguard alternatively. They are started on Albon at 6-7 weeks. Dates are marked on the provided health record. Heart-worm prevention starts at 16 weeks. I recommend Pet Health Insurance be purchased immediately upon receiving puppy to help with the unexpected costs of any emergencies that might arise. Pamphlets have been provided in your folders.

We guarantee our puppies to be healthy and free of any contagious disease and parasites to the best of our knowledge. Stress from new surroundings can often bring on worms or coccidia that was undetected at home. Your puppy has been treated ivermectin drops for ear mites and frontline for fleas and ticks and with albon for coccidia. Living in Las Vegas we find these nuisances all too common. The puppies DO NOT go outside on the ground until 7 weeks of age and 1st shots have been completed, but our adults do and this can be carried back to their nesting areas. We pride ourselves on our dogs health and temperament. Please be diligent, and do NOT expose him/her to new dogs, family members outside your home, a park, or public place where strangers and animals frequent. ALL costs incurred by the buyer after possession of this puppy are solely that of the buyer. NO EXCEPTIONS!! We give a 10 day guarantee against parvo/distemper. *NOTE: I will NOT cover reactions from using vaccines with Leptosporosis*. We give a 1 year conditional guarantee against any life threatening, or disabling hereditary or congenital problems that will cause said puppy/dog to live a compromised quality of life. This guarantee is for normal conditions, in a family setting. It is not implied to be coverage for abuse, neglect or injury caused by poor treatment, accidents, and/or kennel mishaps. We do NOT cover umbilical hernias, stenotic nares [pinched nostrils], treatment for worms or coccidiosis, Giarrdia, ear mites, fleas, yeast infection, scratched eyes, cherry eye or breeding ability. These are not life threatening. We do not guarantee a set size. I personally will try to be as accurate as possible based on the size of parents and grandparents. We breed standard type for the breed. Mixed breeds I do the best I can at determining coat and size.

In case of a serious diagnosis from your vet, I ask for a second opinion. IF said puppy HAS to be euthanized, it will be replaced at the earliest convenience with another of equal value from an unrelated litter. Documentation in full detail must be presented within 14 days of the vets findings to me, in the form of a full necropsy or specific blood tests—NO EXCEPTIONS.
If for any reason, you are unable to keep this puppy/dog, I will take it back regardless of age. If a suitable home can be found, I ask that you inform me of this BEFORE REHOMING for my approval with the name and whereabouts of the person wanting this dog/puppy and provide me with proper information for my records. We do not buy back puppies or adult dogs. I am simply requesting to take it back and make arrangements for travel as an option if I'm available, rather than putting it in a rescue or a shelter or placing it with strangers. I do not want my dogs passed to multiple homes. Transportation expenses are solely the responsibility of the buyer.

Thank you so much!

Barbara Larsen w. BARB'S PRECIOUS PUPS.

This puppy is being sold with ____Reg. to;_buyer:_______________WITH FULL.BREEDING RIGHTS 
This puppy is sold as Pet Only,with limited ___reg.___APRI reg/with spay_neuter agreement____to:buyer:____________________ ________
*NO Registration_________
Phone number__________________ ______
Price $____ 
$300 Non refundable deposit paid____Balance due; $________payable at delivery,by cash, card, or PayPal.only...No Checks!
Buyer agrees said puppy/dog will never be placed in a shelter or rescue,______________________________________
IF registration papers do not accompany puppy,they will be emailed or sent usps at my earliest convenience,unless when sold to a pet home,without breeding rights,on a spay/neuter agreement .*Pet puppies are to be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age,and papers are withheld until I receive proof.

*Retired adults are sold spayed or neutered and DO NOT come with registration papers.  They will have current health records only.